2008 zygoteinmycoffee Ink.
Blackwater Shot Our Dog
by Spencer Troxell
"The K-9 handler made several unsuccessful attempts to get the dog to
retreat, including placing himself between the dogs. When those
efforts failed, the K-9 handler unfortunately was forced to use a
pistol to protect the company's K-9 and himself,"-from a New York
Times Story

In Iraq, the mall cops are shooting people's dogs.
In Iraq, the mall cops have bullet-proof vests.
And laser guns, and tattoos that read 'Death From Above'.

Dogs in Iraq have strong feelings about the occupation.
Eight dogs out of ten have joined the insurgency.
In Iraq, dogs think differently about the war than they do in the states.

In Iraq, dogs are looking into uses the Soviets found for dolphins.
In Iraq, the dogs have considered allowing themselves to be outfitted
with rocket launchers.
An American secret weapon for dealing with these dogs is peanut butter.

Peanut butter works on dogs in Iraq just like it does everywhere else.
The reason Blackwater was forced to shoot that dog was they were out
of Peanut-butter.
In Iraq, Beatle Bailey had eaten the last spoonful with a cracker. Now
his mouth is dry.
Mar. 2008