***BIO*** Adam Henry Carriere: Winner of the Nevada Arts Council Literary Arts Fellowship in Poetry & member of the NAC's Tumblewords Touring Initiative, my writing has appeared in the Tonopah Review, Popular Culture Review, Tattoo Highway, North Texas Review, the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Barnes & Noble’s Between the Leaves anthology, Gloss, The Chiron Review, Strip, Gay Poetry Online, RFD, Blood Brothers, QTribe, Odyssey, and the Las Vegas Sun. I publish Danse Macabre, have done radio in 3 states, taught writing at USC, Columbia College, UNLV, aboard deployed US Navy ships, and helped design the creative writing undergrad component at an Asian college. I'm currently working on my doctorate at the University of North Texas, publishing my first collection of poetry, and writing a second novel.
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Background Music
by Adam Henry Carriere
It is hard to imagine Borodin set to rap.
A Polovitsian electric beat,
as well as choral banger rhythms
for the erudite homey.
Only in Paris, ma cherie mothafucka.

I've come to France but find myself surrounded by America.
Wilson Pickett was singing in my hotel lobby,
and Lightnin' Hopkins was playing in the corner cafe.
Every techno fag in the queer bar was a Yank wank, too.
I guess Edith and Offenbach are only for export.

A body is an orchestra,
many sections playing different parts of one
complex and exquisite piece. Making love
with an orchestra is truly a performance,
conducted live, with great erogenous applause to follow.

Someone spray-painted the moustache
on the bust of Johann Strauss.
They also hit a good deal of the face, as well.
The Gendarme blame a teenaged Arab immigrant,
and vow to shoot him dead the next time they see him.
May 2008