***BIO*** Michael Caylo-Baradi works in Southern California. His poems have appeared in XCP: Streetnotes.
2008 zygoteinmycoffee Ink.
Morning After
by Michael Caylo-Baradi
It could've been
the East Bay clouds
my eyes kept looking
at, from the Burger
King window. The
clouds looked heavy
but not really.

Or it could've been
the night before, when
the vodka and some
orangy mix vanished the
darkness that night, and
other nights before that.

Or it could've been
our conversation that
night, about how we
said our words, before
the vodka drowned
them, so we could
communicate better,
without the burden of
phrases, sentences,
punctuations, grammar.

I just know that this
tasteless 8am Burger King
biscuit sandwich
tastes so good, and the
empty seats around
me are not sad empty,
but of a different kind,
the kind that's in my
mind, that made
that morning, feel
like it should.
Oct. 2008