***BIO*** Alexandra Seidel is 25 years old and writes both prose and poetry. She spends her free time looking for inspiration and practicing martial arts. As it happens, both go great together. Her work has appeared in the ‘Bottom Of The World’ magazine.
© 2009 zygoteinmycoffee Ink.
by Alexandra Seidel
Upon entering the room he commences to flip through files and papers as curiosity and time allow. Time, it seems, is a generous host tonight and curiosity has long since been rather intimate with him. Had he been married, his wife would have found curiosity’s lipstick on his clothes, but alas, he does not believe in monogamy and so there is no wife and no heart to brake.

But his sexual preferences are beside the point. The point is, he is looking, seeking, searching; the point is, he wants confirmation, evidence, proof. The point is, lies don’t travel far and the lie in the room caught in ink and fancy penmanship on the white reincarnation of the rainforest’s trees, hidden somewhere but not hidden well, has reached her final destination.

When the soft whisper of the pages flying through his nimble fingers stops abruptly and is replaced by his soft moan of pleasure, when his face lights up the shady room in ecstasy, it is clear that curiosity has reached her climax, an orgasm of the mind.

But as was said before, he does not believe in monogamy and curiosity is not his only mistress. So after satisfying the inquisitive lady, it is none other than greed who leaps into his arms, her perfume numbing all his senses, her lovely and innocent appearance making his jaw drop ever so slightly. Her dress of velvet slides off her shoulder as an invitation for him to undress her completely. She knows she looks better naked than dressed and he will see this soon for himself. Their affair will be an intense one.

While one lie has arrived, another boards the plane, greeting her twin in passing. It’s like a merry-go-round really, the snake biting her own tail and eating herself alive.

The devil is born of circumstance. He knows this well and smiles at every new conception of himself, certain that Jesus never knew such bliss. The devil is not a big believer in monogamy either and his smile tonight is broad enough to cast no shadows.
June 2009