***BIO*** audri sousa is made of pixel and gasoline and likes to look for walt whitman in supermarkets. she has appeared or is forthcoming in word riot, the corduroy mtn., juked, keyhole, elimae and robot melon. she is alive in california.
2009 zygoteinmycoffee Ink.
no castration fear
by audri sousa
in a dark room because pavement was playing
in a dark room something developed
at 48 frames per second
there was only a red faded recliner chair
gandhi was sitting in the chair
einstein was kneeling on gandhi in the chair
gandhi was grinning and the chair was stained
gandhi was grinning because einstein was in his mouth
einstein was pulling off gandhi's kurta
and unbuttoning himself
gandhi and einstein's skin melded
with the chair's blushing fabric
their eyes were erect and flowing yolk
gandhi's tongue was moving in einstein's face
einstein's knuckles were white in gandhi's hair
he touched gandhi's lung like a melancholy surgeon
the chair was beautifully weeping
July 2009