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© 2009 zygoteinmycoffee Ink.
Jim Wrote a Poem
by xTx
about two people I love the most
for their anniversary
It was actually pretty good I
was surprised given that Jim
looks hillbillyjoejimbob with
his fucked up teeth and
Wal-Mart wardrobe and
whorey daughter prancing her ass around
and around so
when he said he wanted to read
the poem he wrote and gathered us
around like school assembly
I was anxiously embarrassed for him
in advance
He started with no clearing of the throat
in a voice smoker stagnant
reading about youth’s breaking of glass
the jagged pieces sharp in their newness
split from form
gradually rounded and tamed by years’
undulations of God’s oceans
or some shit like that
transforming slicing shards
into weathered, frosted friendly so
beautiful in their endured aging
and some other things I can’t remember
it was supposed to be analogous
of many years of lives spent long
During the reading of it, his
simple face and sincere words
so pretty
I remember thinking, ‘impressive’
and “I didn’t even write a poem for these folks’
and everyone clapped
As well they should’ve.
I clapped too.

And I looked at Jim’s daughter
with her crazy face
and slut blonde locks shining
fake and tawdry in the sun
waiting for her to turn around
in her inappropriately short dress
so I could see her ass cheeks again.
(her fucking ass cheeks were hanging out of her dress!)
I was thinking
I’m going to write a poem about THAT!

And I did.
Dec. 2009