2014 zygoteinmycoffee Ink.
Another One Of Those Mornings
by Ron Androla
Dawn rain has become middle morning
Snow. Waking in the bathroom mirror
As an old man's face, I ingest my repairing
Medicines, put on my glasses, insert my teeth,
Avoid a 2nd glance into the mirror. I know
What I look like, nothing pretty
About decay. I am drinking a whole
Horse of coffee, & I feel like God over
4 billion years ago. A sliver of God
From over 4 billion years ago is implanted
Inside my brain. I think about the taste
Of eggs, not nourishment. I used to eat
Scrambled eggs & raw, chopped onions,
A delicious lift; my guts say no
To that now. No raw, chopped onions.
Let's paint over our mirrors, sweetheart.
Let's not. Let's not know our own
Faces. Let us ring our ears with cut onions
April 2014