2014 zygoteinmycoffee Ink.
A Tuesday afternoon at the disability center
by Nicole Taylor
Pointing to a sign,
Peer assistant Sandy
"Laughing Matters is
Cancelled today."

I sit in the small
dining area and play
a few rounds of Uno
with Shelly. I was winning
several rounds
until Sharon joined.

We Reverse or Skip Shelly.
I play Wilds and change to blue
or later yellow and Shelly and I sing
Mellow Yellow or Yellow Submarine.

Pinkie walks in bitching of
his bad day. When he goes
into the restroom, bathroom we
make wild cat noises
at this hormonal transgender. The noises
were ignored if heard.

Ronin who sits near us eating,
foul smelling prepackaged mashed potatoes and ham
is now sitting on stage learning card tricks
from the visiting magician.

After a cigarette with Pinkie and Sharon's win
Pinkie and Shelly sit near the dining area
and play rummy near the annoying Asian lady
always looking for a new friend
and card partner.

Then Sharon plays a few games
of Backgammon online, and Ronald
sit around the corner playing
Marvel's: Avengers Alliance on Facebook.

Kelly and Candy are disappointed
we have no Movie Madness,
from NetFlix online on the
large computer network, because
of the remaining clients, members
playing online, cards or magic tricks.

Cleaning and assisting a few regulars
Sandy and Dave work,
while another co-worker conservative John
sit at the gossiping with liberal Dave.

Pinkie smirks at the many good hands.
Shelly wins a round and Pinkie wins several rounds
and the final game.

They have a break outside to smoke weed.
Later Sandy jokes too loudly at
Shelly's red pie-eyes.
April 2014