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Bad Love
by Bradford Middleton
Some need the love of a good woman
But I ainít ever found any pleasure in good things
Give me the love of a bad woman
Cos they are a whole lot more fun to be around
With their mental ways of drink and drugs
You never know whatís going to happen next

A boring night alone could be transformed
When the phone rings and from the other end come her tones
Promising a bottle and some Moroccan delicacies
Which transform the night in to one of endless possibilities
Thereís no way a good woman could offer what I want
And besides I ainít got a clue what I would do with one

Good women confuse me cos Iíve no idea what to say
Let alone do with them for they
Donít enjoy the things I do
Where as a bad woman would do what ever I want
Pulling me in to the web
Just like the black widow spider waiting to devour its prey
May 2014