2014 zygoteinmycoffee Ink.
Barring All Politics
by Ron Androla
You have it in yr head. I assume
Yr politics are a thoughtful stance
By whatever degree necessary for
Belief, or disbelief. Or maybe
You don't give a damn about
Washington & all that bullshit,
That's fine. Watching television
Inside a bubble is a spiritual
Event, as is weeping at dawn
& at dusk, day in, day out.
Neuronal gamma flinch.
I know you are in pain because
I see yr eyes staring at film-stars
& the split moon pulls like
Taffy light from a black, final
Kiss. Fast-food radiation. Pizza
Pi squared like primal gristle,
Pizza topped with scorched
Flesh coins. All the neighbors
Applaud, applaud, you are
Not so different, after all, in this
Cultural mud. We squeal & squeal
Tiptoeing over slaughtered humans
& potato-chip bags. Let the losers &
The lost lose. From this catastrophe
Art bursts our brains, fries our regrets.
April 2014