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May 2014
Michael Grover
"A Tuesday afternoon at the disability center"
Nicole Taylor
Ron Androla
"Never On Valentine's Day"
"Don't Forget To Smile"
"Barring All Politics"
Bradford Middleton
"Bad Love"
"Irritability Boogie"
Ben Newell
"beware of dog"
"methane meltdown"
"Another One Of Those Mornings"
Ryan Snellman
"One year I fell in love"
"pardon our progress"
"Just Another Tuesday Night"
"Avocado Rendezvous"
Catfish McDaris
"My Heroes"
Doug Draime
"Stardust Club"
"Local Man For Governor"
Ali Znaidi
"a tale from the margin"
William Taylor Jr.
"Darling if You Have Any Mercy"
"Everything is Music"
"Money In The Bank Beer In The Fridge"
"Protest Organizer"
"on the edge of the world"
"the loving arms of your dreams"
"She left an hour ago"
Ally Malinenko
"What Is Indisputable Is That Around the World
Anti-Americanism Has Exploded"
J. J. Campbell
Anthony J. Langford
"Fraise au Chocolat"
"Nine Out of Ten Americans Claim to Believe in God"
"We Are a Most Litigious People And We Prefer To Believe That There Is Always a Responsible Party For Every Event in Life"
"poor souls on front porches"
"Miscalculations before reflection"
"Has Anybody Seen Bob Dylan?"
"The revolution will not be televised
at a five star restaurant"
"Bionic 1984 on Steroids Everyday"
David S. Pointer
Mikel K.
"Single and loving it "
Devin McGuire
"NYC Poet Men"
Jeremiah Walton
"You Fuck Like You’re on Antidepressants"
Alfonso Colasuonno
"just words"
"get yours today "
Mark Kerstetter