2014 zygoteinmycoffee Ink.
NYC Poet Men
Sitting in taco restaurant
typical America's Mexico
NY's streets whirlwind outside
Conversation is performed between older poet and youngest poet
Rest of us are quiet.
I sip Bohemia lightly
pulling tongue from dirty toilet.
There's 6 of us total, most aged past 30
I am among poets with strong words
but more apathy than fire.
One man has been struggling for 18 years to be a "poet"
He defines successful poet as financial backing, strong publishers
defines as having Harlem beauties stripping for his words
He defines it through his "self less" sacrifice

Praise his dedication
praise his will to douse his worldly fire
praise this man's ambition,
but do not praise him.

Do not fall into unconditional believing
unless you only seek joy

We are all Gods undeserving worship
we are all the "we" in countless poems
May 2014
by Jeremiah Walton