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Single and Loving it!
by Devin McGuire
The older women I meet want to mother me
I try to tell them I get by on my own
even my own mom leaves me alone

they stroke my billy goat beard
tell me I’m handsome and nice
and keep sending shots my way

I wake at 3 a.m. fully clothed
twisted in a heap at the foot of my bed
sticky sweet Hot Damn on my breath

at 6:30 the alarm bleats like a birthing ewe
I pound the snooze button repeatedly
yell a few “fuck yous” to the outside world

at 8 a.m. I’m finally up, cotton mouthed
announce aloud to my empty room
“those fucking dishes will have to wait!”

8:30 I’m out the door for work
horny, lonely, and pissed off
Mr. independent
May 2014