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2006 zygoteinmycoffee Ink.
909 for Space Cat (out back in the catnip patch)
by J. D. Nelson
is this happening? Thicker than a brick with a fistful
of priest-money for the sisters and their kitties --
girls with strange habits -- the rest of us better do
something fast -- move the date back and forth a
little bit. I'm lookin' for a wad of money in my Space
Cat mask, up here at the old brick bank. Nothing's
melting quickly enough -- something a lil' too strange
for Old George, number 1313 with that 909 -- they are
out there, we're getting there with David Bowie on the
radio, keeping us in mind like an old Xmas treat
forgotten long ago, 909? I hope that the world doesn't
end until Sunday -- I'm a lil' sad on the first day of
winn-ter, guess I don't have pretty teeth with a
missing filling, found in Mike's milkshake -- this
option will always be open for you, 909. Tap here,
go-go a lil' number one after 909 some kinda
rev-o-lution after all and ever more, wound up too
tightly, we all live in America 7. Tap here a lil'
more number one after the ninth pattern drops down for
deployment -- feels like a metal show, 909. I'm sure
she'll try padding the sheets with my flight jacket
and empty one number one number than a handful of
war-moths, my interest in the bottom of this empty
milkshake mug -- huffing, (thru a lil' window) 000:
that was the "bead" -- like a welder's. number 909
plus one 9ten 9eleven waiting for that one since the
.45, the repeater in disguise number 909 number 8. Not
going on -- this is the ghost of sister 7 and I'm
hiking up to the top of Hollywood Hill, not out there
in Calif but right out there, not even thirty miles
from the gym. <m> looking for a bullets and the fish
tank, 909. What about my own version of the lost
prism? What if they took over the bank with that
judge-candy, a slump is a slump and no use on blaming
it on the ump -- open the window for a bead of glass
with the initials huffing higher with every turn --
this will be the first time I've ever sat down to
dinner without any drugs in my system. H & C water,
all free 4 R guests.
Aug. 2006