***BIO*** Spencer Troxell lives in Cincinnati with his beautiful, smart, charming, funny, bilingual wife, and two multi-talented, amazing kids. He holds down a full time job, and is working towards a degree in Psychology at the University of Cincinnati. He's 25.
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Humphrey Bogart
by Spencer Troxell
I am too old in here.
Do you see the posters

On the walls in my head?
Do you see Humphrey Bogart,

Tapping his fingers on the bar?
Do you hear Django Reinhardt,

Slamming the vase
On the restaurant table?

Maybe Iíll paint you sometime,
Youíd look good in a hat.

There was a time when I could
Get away with a hat,

But not now. No long coats,
No hats.

Just ball caps and pullovers.
Someday that will be quaint,

But thatís not all Iím after.
Thereís an art to scotch and soda,

That I am just learning.
June 2007