***BIO*** David McLean: I was born in Wales in 1960 though I have lived in Sweden since 1987.  In the nineties I had a few poems published in Envoi, Lines Review, Poetry Nottingham and Understanding; since I started submitting again a few months ago I have been already published in or accepted by In between hangovers, Decanto, The Journal, Poetry Monthly, Poetic Hours, The Poetry Church, Poets Letter, Awen, the Delinquent, Brutarian, Dawn Treader, Sein und Werden, Erbacce, Parameter Magazine, Möbius, Static Motion, Whistling Shade, Lachryma, Ballard Street Poetry Journal, Harlequin, Ancient Heart, Istanbul Literature Review, Venereal Kittens, and Down in the Dirt.
© 2007 zygoteinmycoffee Ink.
crystal meth
by David McLean
for night spangles stars thus their obedient
crystal meth. heaven records their static sway
on its back pages, light carved to the bone
the nipple. death has sung from the depths of a
shoe-box self-righteous pretender that protention
and words curl meaning prolifically prolix back within
cocaine-brave decay. days have grown God knew them
then, seeding voracious as fate that matrix the material
timber that fills the womb, love's limber lumber room.
the puncture still missing, penetration needle bright-
tipped blithe tonight, the fumbling scar lit
the abyss we tumbled into where stars are -
God batting over par.
Aug. 2007