***BIO*** David McLean has been submitting for the past year and has had quite a load of poems accepted by a load of magazines. A chapbook "a hunger for mourning" with 53 of his poems has just been released by Erbacce Press at http://www.erbacce.com
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the dead living girl
by David McLean
“don’t let me be alive, i’m dead”
she said “though you assemble
memory for me like paper in a
rain cup, or dreams posted in god’s
hairy box we lived in and love sinned
singing its paternity in letters
postmarked heaven”

yet horses stand still patient in the
rain that recorded us, cupping hands
to recollect its reasons placid
as mastery and witchcraft for
they have forgotten to bury us
packaged for the worms, death’s
wrinkled retainers tracing the slow

flowing decay to dissembling heaven’s
defective retention, their letters
filled with these grave graphemes
evil as any other meaning,
words that return to their
first worst eternity, written on
stretched sinning skin

and delivered by the devil.
Oct. 2007