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                                            this is black shadow
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Dec. 2004
***BIO*** J. D. Nelson is the Dog with No Name and King of the Astronauts. He has but one ear drum. He is allergic to watermelon. Visit the dog house:
2004 zygoteinmycoffee Ink.
by J. D. Nelson
"You'll need a bright & shiny spoon for that pudding,"
said El Swaffo, "It's butterscotch & Monique did the
strawberry just how you like it, Crowe. She's sweeter
than an early-morning hot air balloon ride."

"Caw! Caw!" agreed Crowe & that was his only name.

El Swaffo found Crowe half-dead & was letting the old
bird crash at his place until things got a little more
back to normal.

Crowe produced a fine silver pudding spoon from the
pocket of his black vest & enjoyed a delicious bite of
his butterscotch delight. "Caw!" he snuck in between

"That's right," said El Swaffo, "You've been a good
Crowe & pudding sure tastes better when you know
you're living clean. Feels great, doesn't it?"

"Caw! Caw!" blurted Crowe excitedly as he spewed
pudding all over the maps El Swaffo was studying.

"Oh, you silly old son-of-a-bitch, Crowe! Look what
you've done now," El Swaffo said.

"Caw!" begged Crowe as he dropped the glass pudding
dish onto the floor & flew out the window.

"Ooh! you crazy old bastard! Come back here & clean up
your mess, you ungrateful cross-eyed mutant!" shouted
El Swaffo as he shook his fist at the seemingly
long-gone Crowe.

Crowe was hiding behind the apartment complex dumpster
& heard all of the rotten names El Swaffo had called
him. Crowe told himself that he'd play video games at
the 7-11 down the street until later & then he'd sneak
back into El Swaffo's place & grab his black duffel
bag. He was leaving, for good.

That was him you heard when you were eating your
deluxe cheeseburger for lunch this afternoon.

"Caw!" Crow said as he rounded the corner to your
street just a moment ago. He'll be at your door any
minute now. He's going to ask for a place to stay for
a while until things get a little more back to normal.
I'll let you go so you can get the door when he rings
the bell with his beak.