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2005 zygoteinmycoffee Ink.
Under Duster
by J. D. Nelson
Millipede seance w/ black wax candles & chicken bones:
You want my respect? I want to taste fresh blood! Eyes in my cubicle demand a human skull. My name might mean something else on another world -- I'm captured & blasted from a brain cannon.

I'm just ahead, on the left. Make a mark or a small noise like a fish -- we're next to be scrubbed down.
Make us presentable! I pretend not to want to kill you & you pretend to pay me. We're hungry & need to eat the babies -- some call this a delicacy, like breathing or sleeping.

An old woman vacationing at the bottom of a canyon believes she hears the ghost of a long-gone lover. The next morning, she paints her last masterpiece & disintegrates into the sand.

There's no work at the swamp today, so go fishing -- here's the black box w/ the mysterious flashing red light, all by itself, ready to eat human flesh. We're chasing down the bandits in a futuristic battleground vehicle that runs on pure faith. The peasants will sleep soundly tonite.

Suffer unto me -- I am the overlord in my underwear.
The red light is still on. I'm still blinking. Would an arrow through my heart prove to you & to the world that I'm able to love something?

Shapeless hate right here in this glass box I found outside -- the neighbors are vampires & you'd be crushed if I told you that I can see in the dark now.
Don't be surprised when I disappear -- consider this fair warning.
July 2005