***BIO*** Lisa Zaran: I have authored two poetry collections, the sometimes girl (InnerCircle
Publishing) and You Have A Lovely Heart (Little Poem Press).  Some current work of mine can either be found or is upcoming in:  Remark, Magaera, Cadenza, Out of Order, The-Beat, Whistling Shade, Lit Vision, Prose Toad, All Things Girl (covergirl and poetry), Journal of Modern Post, Literati, Mad Swirl, among others.
2005 zygoteinmycoffee Ink.
Remember Me To Roger
by Lisa Zaran
The age of seventeen
has a way of sweetening
the brain.

You know how it goes.

You meet him.
He's perfect.
Agreeable to whatever
you mention.

Like nobody you've ever been with before.

Has money.
A car.  The intensity to have sex
six times a day.

Calls you princess.
Calls you dollface.
Calls you collect from Maricopa county jail.

You pay his bail.
You bite your tongue.
Have sex and more sex.

Try not to take it so hard when he leaves you for your sister.
Aug 2005
~a line in a letter written to thomas moore from Lord Byron