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2005 zygoteinmycoffee Ink.
theater tickets
by J. D. Nelson
in the back of the bus:

dude with a nice shirt
& a sharp haircut
drinking beer from a can
wrapped in a paper bag,
pierced & colorful youths
play cards next to me.

cancel all bets
& piss on my desk.
waterlogged scraps
snatches of this & that
all floating away

jinx reflex set to 2 tons,
buffalo girls come
'round the outside,

dig like a dog boy,
go on home & tell your ma
all about the bums
in the trainyard.

where's that clown
in the bunny suit?

the dentist breaks
teeth all night
to boost sales

with the star crown
and moon beard

I bet you were watching yourself
on TV again.

I hope you let the rabbits
sleep on the big bed,
instead of the box
in the corner of the basement,
where it's dark
& it smells like turpentine.

I'll blink my eyes
& yawn twenty-five times,
& then I'll let you maggots
crawl all over me
& eat this infection
right the hell out of my body.

my name is printed
on the
dollar bill:
Oct. 2005