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2005 zygoteinmycoffee Ink.
7mm wiggle eyes
by J. D. Nelson
Loose toys are usually toys that have been played with and may show signs of wear. The jokes have been made and the laughs have been had. Reach for the spice cabinet for great deals on Ugly People and related items! Pat Buchanan is in his underwear.

You must use color effectively if you expect to attain true ugliness. Does a bizarre taste for kangaroo flesh morally outweigh the horrific cruelty used in its production? Honouring an era of quality craftsmanship, we use just four natural ingredients. What's with all of this whining about civil liberties anyway?

Buy unique, hand-crafted ostriches, cute gerbil-like colony rodents and distant cousins of the Chinchilla.   They make whirring, trilling and chirping sounds. I was vibrating when a soft pink aura underwent cosmetic surgery at the tiny Japanese restaurant. They do NOT contain any explosives, and never were intended to!   You must be 8 years or older to purchase lottery tickets.

Can your tastebuds outsmart your brain cells? Learn how to improve a kid's math concept skills through candy patterning. Remember my Buick? Candy apple red, reclining seats. Las Vegas Text of the poem. It literally means the "Navel of the World." Take a birthday party tour of the island's giant stone statues. It's Not Just ceramics, roller skating and miniature golf -- It's A Tiny Human Being! Are you tired of eating greasy Restaurant food day after day?

I play roller hockey to keep in shape. I am not in perfect shape. I eat my veggies. I live alone. I make Monkey toilet paper. Scissors, glue, fake hair, glitter, pipe cleaners, felt, yarn, feathers, fake fur
-- anything else you might need?
Oct. 2005