***BIO*** Jen the Mick is the head chick at Mother of Invention magazine, an alternative perenting mag launching September of 2005.  She lives in Ohio with her three kids and is fairly boring.  She likes tattoos, boys and tattoos on boys.  She can be found at www.mamaofinvention.blogspot.com and submission/subsription inquiries for her mag can be sent to mamaofinvention@yahoo.com .
2005 zygoteinmycoffee Ink.
Mistakes Are Too Easy
by Jen the Mick
I would ask for eyes on fingertips
     For touching [you]
(because bieng with you is
the difference between
       existing and existence
between living and alive)
And open leaps and bounds
Of margins of error and inconvenience
That I heap up in front of me
For the taking and the heaving
Because I am so over the suffering
And I will eat my own shame and guilt
With a fork aand knife and spoon
(as soon as I find the right
for the mix)
Steadied by undercurrents and
No false pretenses
With youth colored eyes and
Salty stares and bloody knees and foreheads
And random i love you's and angry upheavals
Nov. 2005