this is oh so blue
                                            this is black shadow
            IN MY

Mar. 2004
***BIO*** Donna Kuhn has been published in over 100  print and online journals and anthologies including poethia,aught, big bridge, generator press, unlikely stories, sidereality, xstream, muse apprentice guild, juxta, 5-trope, moria, poetry new york, onyx and sendecki.Her e-chapbooks are,no bird on yr arm,  published by Tamaphyr Mountain Press and, redplastic mystic fish ladle, published by Xpressed . when your eyes snow is her first print chapbook published by Foothills Publishing and a second one, up bluen, is forthcoming from furniture press.Three mini-chapbooks were published by poems-for-all.Visual poetry has been published online by  generator press, juxta and xstream. She is a visual artist and dancer as well and she lives in Aptos, CA.

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2004 zygoteinmycoffee Ink.
stevia hair
by Donna Kuhn
yr cold showgirl radiation was the crippling
first storm moon suicide splash in my
twisted alligators dangerous pillows

god eats burning behind yr piano
yr armchairs stevia hair
bird says o or just half a moon

and he wants rat snowballs
dont think again when she gets crunched
yr bird says o birdfreak, open pillows

come open, im getting upset
sleep, eye laundry planets
hoot crap, she said, haunt yr styrofoam

u laugh like little elephants leap
a pelican thru rain with guys who cry
fire milk, so what, so happy

love spoke at me in my o ah
dont sponge aluminum raw vegetables
horses of baby glass take a can opener

u breathe stars biting my butterfly
i cant use in a gecko o
i cant find alligator traffic

chinese traffic, yr birds are slow
chinese prosaic bones
i have war bones in a gecko

i cant find, i cant use prussia
u breathe stars down, spit weird mist
i cant, long geisha horses find the sky

pelican traffic in handmade rain
alligator, u laugh like hoot crap
behind yr piano