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2005 zygoteinmycoffee Ink.
The Flies with Tiny Halos
by J. D. Nelson
I would agree with you
as far as the physical forms
and the angry long division.

Particles of Yes -- I'd like
the Sunday version.

Tomato Hat reached into
his bag of candy and grabbed
a regular green sucker.

The Spanish Peanuts came back
with a note from the barkeep:

Look, guys -- Enough's enough.

I turned around
to give him a look
like, "what gives?"
and there she was,
the most beautiful iguana
I'd ever laid my tentacles on.

Who am I kidding?
I'm nothing more than
a giant aloe vera plant.
These are pointy leaves,
not underwater feelers.

I'm going to hang myself
in the police stn bathroom.

I haven't been a cop
in over 90 minutes --
I'm locked in to another
45-minute commercial-free
"Road Hog!"

Buildings lick each other,
that old horse head story
about no couch
and a flight of stairs to nowhere.

My Randy Rhoads Pyramid Eye
is back, smashing glass, trapped --
stranded in New Mexico w/ no smokes.
Nov. 2005