***BIO*** Linda Rosenkrans: is a writer residing in Los Angeles. Her writing depicts everything she wanted to say verbally but couldn't, do to the fact that a cat got her tongue, slipped on it, and then decided to eat it.
Her publishing credits include works in: Abby's Realm, Any Dream Will Do Review, Babel Magazine, Blue Food, Cherry Bleeds. Darklives.com, EIDOS Magazine, Erosha, FreeSexStory.com, Get Underground, Girlphoria, Megaera, Muse Apprentice Guild, The Nocturnal Lyric, Open Wide Magazine, Poetry Superhighway, Prometheus, Scriberazone, Fighting Chance Magazine, Thunder Sandwich, Tin Lustre Mobile, Undershorts, Unlikely Stories, 63channels, and has work forthcoming in, Trans Figures: Transgender Erotica (Hayworth Press)
© 2005 zygoteinmycoffee Ink.
The Ward
by Linda Rosenkrans
they treat us
like we’re
a second
     hand- job
that’s forced
upon them
to make ends meet
“it’s a dirty job
but someone’s got to do it,”
i overheard
a happy
puppy faced shirt

i walked up to the counter
shaking legs
to run
up and down
the walls
“i need my prn’s.”
i’m invisible
“i need my prn’s!”
a wall that has no flower
i notice the
hand sanitizer dispenser
quietly hanging upon
an uninterested  wall
i grab a paper cup
and help myself
to a midday cocktail
burn, relief
burn, relief
by my forth refill
my arms are
pinned behind me
restless legs
following suit
i do the pig wriggle
scream like a swine
the happy puppy faced  shirt
punches the fatty
part of my left derrière
molded black
i wake up
an angry light
seers through my eyes
arms and legs
strapped upon
cold metal
a shadow figure
brings my eyes
into focus
it’s the
happy puppy faced shirt
two paper cups
one  thumb sized
and the other
a dixie
     to complete the process
that sadistic
dog faced bitch
gives me my prn’s!

she had
this planned
all along
i just know it
probably works
for the fbi
and i’m their
guinea pig
who happened to
take their
Nov. 2005