***BIO*** Space-Cowboy Poet J. D. Nelson is currently exploring career opportunities in the food service and unskilled manufacturing industries. Visit J. D.'s website for late-breaking developments: http://MadVerse.com
2007 zygoteinmycoffee Ink.
The Whimpering Snowman
by J.D. Nelson
A red hawk
w/ an iron beak
& stainless razor talons
folded his twice-read paper
& lit a smoke.

He thought
old-man-waiting-for-a-train thoughts
involving socks, scotch, & coffee --
maybe pork chops -- brown slacks.

A Snickers
costs 69 cents?

No more vodka shots
in the bathroom stall.
I'll have a seltzer, instead.

[jazz excess]

Paper walls
& giant fists,
a capable ape
in a union suit
w/ see-thru knees --

I'm underwater,
holding on to my
greedy lungful,
fumbling for my
special camera --

my brain camera takes
great underwater shots --

can we flood
the basement again?

Cold taco lettuce
& maybe a potato wedge
if you're good.

I had to eat glue!

Look closely
at the Angry Bees  --
their little eyes
are red.

They've been smoking pollen
w/ the Hippies of the Rocks.

[port wine,
pork chops]

Tired of running water?
Dial this number.

Abominable sun man --
w/ your bleached eyes
& cracked skin --
where is Moon Sister
to soothe you
w/ soft songs of twilight?

She's hiding tonight,
crying for nothing.

[blue beads
& ribbons]

I can almost see her.

& then comets come shooting
& spewing space sugar pop rocks
& potato salad gases --

my coffee's growing cold
in an old cup thrown by a blind man.

Leave your
magnetic animals
at home.

We know who
tipped the tombstones.

Chief Looking Glass
makes amazing green chili.

[moth divers w/ no plan]

Stare at the ceiling.

You nosy little - - -
I'm buying Cokes later.

[sprinkle me gently]

Watch those claws
& we'll be cool.

I don't know about
black bread.

I showed up to work
w/ my head in a bucket.

Luckily, no one's
said anything.

Waffles, cereal or brains?

[wise guy haircut]

The tape recorder exploded
& it's smoking.

[squeeze me tight,
red-headed girl]

Black candles on the table,
the new you in your detective suit!

Don't waste your string on this kite --
birds will attack it.
Jan. 2007